We know a few things-
· We all have unconscious bias. We just don’t acknowledge it.
We have grown up with certain “ideas” about good and bad societies.
· Stigma is subconscious. .
· We have all been victims as well as perpetrators.

We also know that-
· We hate orders. Despise boring talks.
· We love stories and infotainment.
· We connect with emotions, not with numbers.

So how do we foster DEI awareness among employees?
Worry not. We have a wide range of DEI engagements revived from countless stories, scriptures and traditions from ancient India!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
From Shikandi, a female-born warrior, who identified as male and was accepted by the Kuru kingdom – to Samba, a prince who disguised himself as a pregnant woman in the name of a tone-deaf prank (which by the way, has led to a gory bloodbath among his own family.. yikes),  we want to introduce you to several historical figures -both good and bad, who continue to remind us of the importance of celebrating gender and thought diversity!


Where does the rainbow begin

An engaging celebration of pride, culture, and diversity as we explore the vibrant history and existence of LGBTQ+ communities through Indian Classical Dance and Music.

“…incredible session, it was a beautiful portrayal of leadership through art and mythology, teaching the fluidity of gender, thoughts, teams and mindset, helped to inculcate a growth and inclusive mindset …”

– Shruti Mishra, Team head- People Connection & Attraction, PUMA SE

Yaksha gaana

Learn how to be a better ally to women at the workplace and embrace the value in each individual through immersive theatre. A unique blend of dance, music, make-up and storytelling through the South Indian Folk form- Yakshagana!

“ fun and entertaining..the subject never lost its essence even while maintaining sensitivity towards so many various aspects (of belonging and inclusion)..innovative ways to connect with people, sensitising them…”

– Surovi Dey Dhupar, Airbnb, Diversity & Inclusion Leader

You can’t ask that

An enlightening journey towards inclusivity and empathy as we learn to ask the right questions and embrace diverse perspectives and respect for all genders and cultures.

“…Letting go of my inhibitions has never been so much fun..”

– People and Culture Manager at a Consumer goods Multinational

Kavaad Katha

Experience the power of storytelling in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion through narrative exploration as you embark on a journey of stories through Kaavad Katha.

“…Wonderful, would love to ponder upon such unique narratives again..”

– D&I head at a Financial Services Company

The Saree speaks

In order to further connect you to your traditions, take this interactive quiz and trivia session to learn about the rich history and cultural significance of Indian textiles.

“..,never thought that a piece of fabric would hold so much historical and traditional value! A fantastic way to learn about the rich history of our traditional wear, that thoughtfully blends D&I training for employees..”

– ERG Lead at an IT Multinational Company.

Catch me if you can!

An energetic fitness session led by a para-athlete that blends inspiration and inclusivity to encourage an active lifestyle for people of all abilities.

“…a powerful reminder that physical ability is not a barrier to an active and healthy lifestyle.. an empowering experience!”

-People and Culture Associate, R&D Organisation

Red Green Blue

Discover valuable lessons that transcend time and culture as we explore the colourful world of Indian paintings and reveal the secret stories and diversity of its characters.

“Gowri’s ability to engage and communicate with us through art forms is truly remarkable!! A unique and refreshing perspective on company values on diversity, inclusion and togetherness provided through Indian paintings… Let us rediscover and reinforce those values.”

– People Operations Team at a Sporting Goods Company.

They in Me (Screen a movie)

With the innocence and curiosity of a child, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance as we navigate the complexities of gender identity and inclusivity.

“….Very relevant to our program: building a strong sense of self….”

– Founder of a Leadership Development Program.

Special Speakers

Inspiring discussions with Dr. Narthaki Nataraj, about her remarkable journey of overcoming challenges and supporting inclusivity in the LGBTQ+ community.


Are these running through your head?

Why do we need experiences & activities to understand DEI?

1. Experiences are your best teachers! They retain information much better than just reading a pamphlet or attending a seminar.
2. Being a part of experiential activities turns things into more than just a concept or idea – it becomes a part of your story and your emotions.
3. New experiences break old habits and transform your behavioural patterns.

Does unconscious bias really slow down my company’s growth?

Having an unconscious bias is like forgetting that each one of your house plants need different environments to thrive. (Here’s a reminder to check on them by the way!) When people aren’t given equal opportunities to succeed, it can create an exhausting environment that stifles growth, creativity and innovation. And alas, the attrition rates will also spiral out of your fds control.

Why do we need to host Pride Month activities?

Pride month is a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness about their struggles for equality. But let’s be honest, sometimes it feels like your workplace could be trying a little too hard. You walk into the office and suddenly everything is pink and rainbow-coloured. The cake? Pink. The posters on the wall? Take a wild guess!                                                                          
It’s like the workplace has turned into a giant unicorn birthday party! While it’s great to see workplaces getting into the spirit of things, let’s make sure they’re doing it for the right reasons.

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