Hey, remember the Annual Cultural Day events in our schools?

There were usually 3 types of kids and you fell into at least one of  these categories.

For some of the enthu-cutlets out there, you would have felt a rush of adrenaline and confidence – “Wow, I am killing it up here! Look at me go!”

Another group pretends to hate participating, but secretly are having a blast – “Pffft, this cultural day and all are so lame. But I might be having a good time…you know”

Then finally, there is the anxious group trying their best to hide their nerves – “I think I might faint, oh god please let this be over soon…”

But nevertheless, each year, we are all equally left feeling content and proud no matter what:
“That final performance was so much fun, macha! Can’t wait to do this next year too!!”

What is something that would leave you feeling all of the above, all at once?

Presenting Incredible Indiyeah – Fun and Team Building engagements with an Indian touch!

We promise to give you a see-saw of emotions that you will never forget! Our engagements can go from exciting to anxiety-inducing and ultimately bring you pure fun and wonder – leaving you feeling all the feels. Our team-building engagements are uniquely Indian, with a fun twist that will have you laughing and bonding with your colleagues in no time!


Are these running through your head?

What is the process to onboard these engagements?


We follow a very simple 3-step procedure –
Step 1: Discovery: We are excited to know you! We listen actively, ask you questions and peel the layers to get a full picture of what’s going great and what’s going ok-ok.
Step 2: We will take all the information we’ve gathered and turn it into a beautiful plan of action that addresses your specific needs. Your theme, your milestones married to our delivery!
Step 3: Lights, Camera, Action – Let’s go make some memories!

Even a team dinner can be a great employee engagement activity. After all, we do it all the time. Why bother innovating?

Sure, all-you-can-eat buffets are great! But why settle for gastronomic pleasure when you could be creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime? The current generation of talent constantly seeks new experiences and adventures, and as an organisation, you can leap one step ahead of the competition!
So,let’s fill their hearts and minds, instead of their stomachs – with unforgettable moments that will keep them talking about your company for years to come!

Why bring “the Indian touch” to engagement activities?


We love to talk to people about how we need to start looking closer to home for inspiration – that way, we manage time better and we start to appreciate the diversity and richness of our ideas which help us cultivate a sense of togetherness through shared experiences – our culture has spoken about this for many years! After all, what brings people closer than shared experiences?
With our focus on innovative employee engagement, we would love to unlock the treasure trove of Indian culture and create unforgettable shared experiences that will have your team feeling more connected and motivated than ever before!

Are these engagement activities suitable for all kinds of teams?


Absolutely. Ranging from CXOs, sales, marketing, tech teams, and people managers – we have got something for everyone! Our employee engagement sessions are not, and will never be bound by age, ethnicity, nationality, experience levels or gender.

Our employee engagement needs are so unique, we’re not sure if you can handle it. Can you really create a session that meets our specific requirements?

Unique needs? Bring it on. We live for that!
Crafting custom engagement sessions is our everyday filter coffee and our reason to roll out of bed. So to summarise, yes, challenge accepted!

Cool, when and where can I organise this? Any special occasions?

Anytime, anywhere – our employee engagement programs can be conducted all year round. But of course, we also tailor them to fit occasions such as Family Days, Offsites, conferences, Fun Fridays, and not to forget festive celebrations  – Navratri, harvest festivals, Independence Day,  Republic Day.. and a lot more!

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