kaavad katha

House of stories !

Kaavad katha, a 400 year old tradition of story-telling from Rajasthan on the verge of extinction, is about maintaining genealogy of families in various villages in Rajasthan.

The art of Kaavad brings wisdom through genealogy, alongwith mythological, historical & family stories accompanied by beautifully painted Kaavad.
The Kaavad is a portable wooden shrine, (like a house of stories) that has visual narratives on its multiple panels that open and close like several thresholds of a temple.

It is a composition of finely threaded stories with various mythical characters set in different time and spaces, structured in ancient format of “KathaSaritaSagar”, of frame with-in a frame, where each story leads to a new story, creating a vast network of stories.

​Duration: 30 to 45 mins

Wellness week | Mental health awareness camps | Milestone celebrations | Fun Friday engagements | Kids engagement

De-stress | Increase bonding | Share experiences | Develop social skills

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