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Do you see signs* of some of your colleagues feeling uninspired or burnt out?
(*blankly staring at emails, playing Simon Says with customer needs and trends, cannot differentiate a meeting from a sedative, cannot see eye to eye with members from the other teams – we understand, it’s a touchy subject)

This is where we come in!
Our immersive and customizable learning and development activities are specifically designed to ignite creativity and innovation within Sales, Marketing, R&D and IT departments. We use the transformative power of Indian Art forms and practices to break out of the monotony and disengagement and turn your workspace into a powerhouse of talent!

Active listening

Engage in listening actively; because nodding politely isn’t enough!

Active listening is more than just hearing the words being spoken; it requires an effort to comprehend the message, context, and emotions behind it – just like listening to a story. 

By really tuning in to what your fellow colleague or client is saying, you can make them feel heard and valued. And who knows, you might even get an anonymous morning coffee as a thank you!

Are you tired of playing Chinese Whispers in the name of behavioural skill training at your workplace? 

We have a better solution – a story-telling activity!

You will be trained to listen with intent, depth and empathy.
Use your superpower listening skills to eliminate all kinds of misconceptions and miscommunications during a conversation.
And the best part? You will never have to pretend to find a joke funny. (Unless you really need to please that one client!)

conversation skills

If you think you’ve made it because you can comfortably debate what kind of chai is the best at the office pantry, you have some news!

No resentment towards chai lovers, but conversation skills not only entail how effectively you can communicate with others, but also how well you can collaborate, enhance customer experiences, resolve conflicts, build relationships, influence others and be quick to find a common ground.

If you’re looking at developing open and honest communication at your workplace and with your clients, just a glimpse of our personal collection of paintings will help you. How? Let’s have a conversation to find out!

Immerse yourself in an experiential learning activity that will help you transform into someone who follows a frame by frame way of communicating with people – just like dancers communicating with their audience.
Learn to melt the ice around people and you will eventually find yourself in a nice little puddle of trust and enthusiasm.
Oh, and you can always avoid awkward silence.

Creative thinking

Being creative is more than just a skill; it’s a survival strategy!

Creative thinking is an essential cognitive and behavioural skill that can improve workplaces in many ways and it is becoming more critical in today’s fast-paced, cut-throat, and continuously evolving world. I mean we all need someone who can lighten the monotony with their quick wit and off-the-wall, wacky ideas. 

And that person could be you! Think about it – from the ancient art of yoga to the intricate patterns on our sarees, Indian culture is brimming with creativity. So the next time you think creative thinking is overrated, we are here to remind you of the magic that we Indians have been able to create through their sheer ingenuity.

Tackle challenges effortlessly, move hurdles with flexibility, and implement lightning-speed solutions.
Learn to come up with the best low-cost, high-profit solutions that will turn your company into an inexhaustible vessel or what we would like to call, an Akshaya Patra!

Everyday leadership

Let’s listen to some voices from the past..

Let us paint a picture for you, of a Queen.
She is dressed in luxurious clothing made from fine silk and adorned herself with intricate jewellery and her hair would be styled in elaborate braids and adorned with flowers.
She is an epitome of beauty, power and resilience, with an aura that commands respect and admiration. Straight out of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, isn’t it?

But what do we know about her leadership qualities that were constantly overshadowed by the praises of the King or her significant other? This leadership and management training activity will speak volumes of it.

In a world with excellent and even questionable leaders, become the one who can handle pressure with grace and inspire innovation with creativity.
Be remembered as a mentor rather than driving someone to write their villain origin story!


Emerge like butterflies out of the caterpillars of change!

Change management is like a dance instructor who lets you warm up and practice your moves before your boss performs the dance of change in your organisation. Just like in dance, change can be difficult and uncomfortable if you haven’t prepared yourself and your team. We are after all, creatures of habit.
When we mess with routine, things can get quite ugly real fast. I mean, have you ever tried to take away someone’s coffee mug or move their desk without warning? (It’s a rhetorical question, don’t try it!)

No rules and must-do lists in this skill-enhancement activity, however, there would be a clown!

This unique, experiential session reminds us that adopting change management practices will re-frame our perspective and find the silver lining even in the darkest of clouds, without getting yourself stuck in the spiral of “Why is this happening to me?!”
Increase your efficiency, sustain growth and overcome your anxieties about changes and restructuring.

Give and receive Feedback

Nobody’s a Hero, Nobody’s a Villain – Now let’s sing a Feedback Keerthan!

Feedback – it’s a two-way street
We give and we receive, in order to think on our feet
As well as to acknowledge both the praise and critique.
Let’s foster the grace to give and receive

In humility and unity we believe
To build our team, our work, and our mission
Through feedback, we can achieve our vision!

Become a part of an innovative learning and development activity that encourages respectful communication and constructive criticism.
Know the importance of layering your feedback between two slices of respect and professionalism.
Master the art of accepting feedback with grace and providing feedback with empathy – and don’t forget to sprinkle in your unique flair, after all, bland feedback is like eating plain, unflavoured rice – it’s not very satisfying, and hard to swallow!

collaboration & teamwork

Are we a group? Or a team? What’s the difference?

We all probably know of a famous English phrase in Shakespearean literature, “All the world’s a stage”. Sure, Why are WE talking about it?
It highlights the concept that our life is a theatrical performance, where each one of us has a certain role to play. Similar to how actors rely on their co-stars to perform, employees must collaborate with one another to accomplish common objectives.
In a diverse nation like India, this phrase has utmost relevance. Get ready to witness a reflection of our social roles through an Indian performing arts piece!

Through this culturally significant learning and development session, identify where you position yourself – Are you the lead character, the supporting character, the director, or the crew?
Wherever you are, you are essential to drive the entire performance to success!
Transform your workplace to a safe space, where everyone has a sense of belonging and feels appreciated for their contributions.


Long-term strategic planning >>> short term gains

Strategic thinking, Oh! The term that makes every manager and boss swoon with admiration. But let’s admit it, finding someone or equipping oneself with the art of strategic thinking can seem a bit difficult, no? Except for that one person who always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else, like they’ve got some sort of crystal ball that predicts the future (I’m sure you can think of a name)

Nevertheless, we can’t help but admire the strategic thinker. They’re like the Chanakya of the office, always solving problems and uncovering hidden opportunities! What if we told you that we have an age-old secret to bring out that visionary, analytical and adaptive thinker within you?

A set of experiential training activities curated to transform your team into a walking, speaking human chess board.
Develop a higher order third eye that lets you sense more than what your colleagues can.
And finally, let your presentation slides always dazzle, and your Post-it notes never lose their adhesive!

What our sessions look like

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