Diversity and Inclusion

How Diwali Stories encourage Multicultural employee relationships and Inclusive Leadership ​

Discover the art of hosting wholesome team building activities by setting and living up to crystal-clear expectations, embracing inclusivity for all abilities, and satisfying all kinds of dietary desires. With our practical tips, you’ll orchestrate an unforgettable team bonding experience that fosters collaboration, growth, and endless laughter. Say goodbye to mishaps and hello to a united, unstoppable workforce!

9 Ways to Recognise and Celebrate South Asian Heritage Month

South Asian Heritage Month – Imagine! A whole month dedicated to celebrating the vibrant cultures, fascinating histories, and invaluable contributions of South Asian communities across the globe. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the significance of this remarkable month and showcase the inspiring initiatives brought to you by Indian Shades, your friendly neighbourhood culture enthusiasts and employee engagement providers!

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